What Is Steampunk? A Review for Steel and Bone

Many people have heard of steampunk but know little more about it than the basics. I always thought it was about the steam technology and Victorian era, but it’s so much more than that. I’m happy to say that  Steel and Bone, a collection of steampunk stories, has shown me how amazing and fun the world of steampunk can be.

Steampunk at its core is about the magic of steam and clockwork technology. It’s about how inventive and clever people can make both wonderful and terrible devices to change the world. But at the same time it’s going back to a simpler world where technology can be created and understood by a single person, rather than huge companies.

In Steel and Bone, you'll be getting plenty of exciting inventions to marvel over. Some are simple parts of everyday life, yet still change the lives of the characters in profound ways. Others are hidden wonders that pop to life in the great descriptions offered in these stories.

Another charming aspect of steampunk is that it goes back to the simpler times of earlier eras. People use things like letters to communicate across the world rather than texts or email. The concepts of propriety still run strong in steampunk societies. On the more negative side, issues like racism, sexism, and class are much more accepted in society.

Steel and Bone explores many of these issues in wonderful ways. Throughout the stories, there are plenty of strong female characters and protagonists who fight against the limits that society and class would put on them. I loved how they did their best to remain true to who they felt they were rather than accept the passive roles that society would give them.

And finally, my favorite part of steampunk and Steel and Bone is how it goes back to a world that is wide open for exploration. It’s a world where many parts of the world still remain mysterious. Those brave and inventive enough can go explore incredible new places. In such a world, anything is possible for those willing to face the unknown.

Before reading Steel and Bone, I had only a vague idea of what steampunk is or could be. I’m happy to say that this anthology has given me an excellent taste of the genre and left me wanting to explore more of its possibilities and stories. If you love adventure and great stories or just want to finally figure out what steampunk has to offer, you can preorder a copy on Amazon today.

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