It's the Little Hikes that Count

The weather has often been rainy over the last month or so, but I did get out a few times to explore some fun places in Utah. Even if you’re only looking for a short hike, Utah has plenty to offer.

The first place is Saratoga Hot Spring/Saratoga Spring. It’s a small hot spring close to the northern shore of Utah Lake and it’s right in the suburbs of Saratoga Springs or Lehi to the west of I-15. After a quick walk through the forest, I found a nice little pool. The shallow parts of it were warm and even had a few small fishes. It never got more than a few feet deep, but had plenty of spots where the hot water from the spring would come up and make a nice hot area.

All around the pool were reeds, trees, and the great scenery of the surrounding valley and mountains. It seems the sort of place that would be better to go when less people might be there, like the cool, windy day that I visited.

Unfortunately, it has the problem of many nice places near cities and has attracted a lot of trash and junk left behind by careless people. It might be the sort of place that could use a little service project or even the act of bringing a small trash bag and filling it up.

The other new place I visited was West Mountain. This West Mountain is the one at the south end of Utah Lake. Back when I did the marathon, I ran around much of this mountain, so I wanted to see what it was like up on top. It has slightly rough roads with some dropoffs that might make some drivers uneasy, but it’s definitely doable in a normal car.

At the top, there’s mostly desert scrubland as well as some broadcast towers, antenna, and the BYU observatory. The mountain itself had a lot of signs of being pasture land for sheep or other livestock. It’s an easy hike once you drive up to the top. We were aiming for the south peak but ran out of time so we only reached the north and middle peaks of the mountain. But even with our shorter hike, we got an incredible view of Utah Lake, the Wasatch Mountains, and the more rural parts of southern Utah County.

When it comes to amazing places, Utah has so many that it’s easy to overlook some like these two. Big or small, each hike has something fun to offer.