2016 Goals and Desires

Okay, so I can't quite climb every mountain, but I'll at least do some of them. Now on to the blog post!

While making goals this year, I worried a lot about having some of the same goals when I didn't complete them, especially if I didn’t have some step I'd be taking towards my goals each week. For those goals that I completed, I had the easier choice of either keeping them the same or trying for something a little harder. If I felt like I could have done better on how I achieved my goal, I kept it the same.

So without further ado, here’s some goals I have for the year, broken down by category. This year I'll also include the daily or weekly habits that are there to build up to larger goals.

Fitness/Outdoor goals:

-Daily exercise routine except Sunday
-2 hikes per month
-6 fitness events including finishing one marathon
-Hike 16 mountains! (More short backpacking trips for many mountains in one or two day trips.)
-Lose 15 lbs or get down to 12% body fat
-4 rockhounding expeditions

I feel this is a good mix of goals to keep me active and working hard on fitness and enjoying the outdoors. The hiking goal really only matters on months where I won't be off climbing mountains almost every weekend. This year I'd like to do more short backpacking trips where I get three or more mountains in two or three-day trips. And last but not least, I’d love to find more cool rocks and fossils.

Most the fitness events will be obstacle or fun runs, but I also really want to finish a marathon. Last year I overtrained right before the marathon and didn't give my tendons enough time to recover or adjust to longer running and had to withdraw at mile 19 when walking became too painful. I know it’s cliche to have a weight loss goal but I made mine flexible. If I gain muscle but don't lose weight, I’m fine with that, so I made an alternate option if that happens.

Writing goals:

-Write daily/4500 words a week on various stories
-Blog 1 to 3 times per week
-Write 4 short stories
-Write 2 novels
-Write 6 articles

I’m nervous because I had most of these goals last year, although they were slightly less specific. This year I've broken my daily writing down into more project-based tasks each day to better fulfill these goals, but I'll still have to work hard to develop a better writing habit.

-Go through at least 4 submissions/day
-Read at least 1 chapter of something considered for publishing/day

Since I’m working more on classes right now, I've kept my professional editing goals simple for now. Later on I may do much more. For now, I like these simple goals that keep me working through the slush pile and help me find things that might be worth presenting to the other editors for publication.

-Daily art
-Make 6 comics

Last year I did make 2/6 comics for my goal so I feel that trying for the same goal isn't a bad idea. Much like writing, I have a better and more specific plan for carrying out this goal with a better breakdown of what I’ll work on each day. If I feel I improve enough, I could even make some money on the side through commissions or project subscriptions but I still feel like I need to work more on practicing the basics.

Various other goals, grouped with commentary:

-Daily musical practice
-2 musical performances
-Write/Pay someone to help me write 4 songs

Music is something I do quickly on the side for fun and relaxation so it’s not something I’m too serious about, but I’d like to at least get the satisfaction of practicing a piece until I can perform it at a good level for others to enjoy. I’m not quite sure when or where this might happen though. I’ve also composed simple songs from time to time over the years, but might need some help to be able to make 4 of them.

-Finish cosplay
-Make/commission/buy 8 plushies for fanfic story characters

Last year at the SLC Comic Con, I got a nice hoodie that might replace my desire for a more intricate cosplay. I’m still debating if I want to go through all the trouble of making such a costume when I have something that’s already almost as good and a lot easier to use and store. The plushies are there as sentimental memorabilia that I'd like to have. Since the fanfic characters are pokemon, it might not be too hard to get a decent plushie and modify it slightly to look more like my characters.

-Make 2 video games

Last year I started dabbling with some basic game making software. The coding didn't seem too hard but I didn't get too deep into the tutorial videos. Still, since I was a kid, I've always wanted to design some games and it’s easier than ever to make and sell them if you're willing to put in the work.

-Pay off smaller debts

My student loan debt is a bit large to expect to pay off in a single year, but I do expect with a modest income to be able to pay off some smaller debts and then start making bigger payments on my student loans. The first step to wealth is to get out of debt then make your money start earning more money, so that’s what I'll be trying to do.

-Daily scripture study and prayer
-Weekly in-depth spiritual study
-Monthly service activity/temple attendance

I feel like last year I let my spiritual side wither too much, so now I’m trying harder to do the basic things to feel more of a connection to God. My religion teaches that we should have a deep and personal connection with God and Jesus Christ so I'll be trying harder to make a little more space for the divine in my life, including being more open to serving others through either service or attending the temple.

-Reach out to someone I haven't talked to in a while/someone new each day
-Talk to one good friend each day

I feel without reminders like these on my task list, I tend to go back to my introverted side too easily. These are there to help keep good conversations with friends going and to help me meet new people or get to know acquiantances better. I feel last year I did a poor job at building up connections with friends or making any new friends so it's time to dust off some old friendships and go find some new ones.

-Read 48 books

My goal remains the same as last year: 4 books a month. It’s a respectable goal that requires a little effort but not too much if I plan ahead or stay consistent with daily reading.

-Daily language practice on Duolingo
-Weekly intensive language practice such as reading, translating, speaking, writing, or reading a longer passage

This goal is here not just to help me keep up on Spanish, but to also help me learn new languages a piece at a time. Last year I started working on learning French and German and it feels like my daily practice since then has given me at least a very basic understanding of the languages.

While not a specific goal, I’ve been entertaining some possible small business ideas in creating some material to help with hiker safety. After I finish my degree I might put some more energy and research into this and see if it could work out. If it does, I would much rather work for myself if I can make a living that way.

I also have the desire to attend fun conventions or other activities for my interests and go on some trips to see interesting places, birds, and other things. All those depend on if I'll have the time and money in the future, so I’m not going to worry a lot about them right now.

I suppose this post is already a bit long, but it was fun to review all my goals and get more excited to do them! I wish you all the best in your own goals. I hope my blog posts can inspire and help you to reach them! If there’s any specific goal-related topics you feel I could cover well in a blog post, let me know. I’d love to help my readers if it’s a subject that I could provide good advice on.