Ice Castle In Midway

Winter is the time of year where we most need to look for the magic in the world. All the cold, ice, and snow can seem miserable unless you look carefully for the beauty and magic in it. But at a place like the ice castle in Midway, you can get all the magic compressed into one intense visit.

Two years ago I visited the ice castle at it’s former location. Back then it was smaller but also less crowded when I went during the daylight hours. This year it was huge and crowded, but everyone there made it feel full of energy and enthusiasm. Beneath the ice, lights flashed through various colors, often in time to the soundtrack of wintery songs being played.

There were plenty of pathways to go down and the adventurous could explore some smaller tunnels or even go down an ice slide. The builders have created a place where the beauty of nature is compressed into a fantastic walk of wonder.

I’ll keep this short and let my somewhat grainy cell phone pictures do more of the talking. If you're looking for somewhere that captures the magic and majesty of winter (and offers delicious but somewhat pricey hot chocolate and other goodies) then give the Midway Ice Castle a try if you can make it while the weather is still cold.