2015 Photoset 3

It’s time again to pull out some old favorite photos, maybe touch them up a bit and share the story behind them. Here’s some great moments from May and June of this year:

I love picturesque views of the Utah Valley from any of the nearby mountains. Usually I don’t get the great backdrop of the Wasatch mountains because those are the mountains I climb more often, but on this day, I was finally on the other side of the valley.

Here the mountains seem to float above the clouds and Salt Lake City in this shot from Ensign Peak. It’s an easy peak to climb but if the air is clear and the clouds are right, you can get a great view like this.

Topaz Mountain looked particularly good in the early morning light. I’m glad I got up early to take a few great photos. Even if I didn't find any topaz on that trip, the hiking, wildlife, and adventure was well worth the drive.

I’m glad when someone else is there to take some good photos, especially when I’m more worried about trying to complete something like a marathon. It was my first marathon and I made it to about 19 miles before the strain on my joints and body made it too painful to keep walking. I hope to someday complete a marathon but it was fun to finally attempt one.

May and June were great months for exploring out of the way places as well as new interests.