Changing Seasons

According to many, September is the perfect month for hiking, and after a great hike up Millicent Peak, I'd have to agree! The weather is nice and cool even into the early afternoon but not cold enough that you need more than a good jacket. And what’s best, all the trees in the high mountains start changing color and if you're lucky you get a light dusting of snow in the shady parts of the mountain.

September always has the feel of finishing up with more active and fun activities and settling back into routines of school and work. For me, I've been trying hard to finish my yearly hiking goal of twelve mountains. With that goal done, I'll still be focusing on fitness but spend a little less time on the trails when the cold and snow settle in.

Another great thing about getting out in September is that many of the animals are moving around. Deer, moose, and elk are often moving down from the high mountains and into the foothills and canyons. I you watch the trees, it's not hard to spot unusual migrating birds on their way south.

September is a great month and the perfect month for getting out and staying active. I still have a few more peaks to climb before the month is over, so I hope they turn out to be as fun as Millicent Peak.