2015 Photoset 4

In this interest of being all caught up with my blog here, I thought I'd do one more photo set for July and August. Hopefully I'll be more on top of these in the future. Here’s the photos and some little stories to go with them:

I love great mountain views like this one, but often while hiking I’m stuck in forests or behind ridge lines and don't get to see great views of the particular mountain I’m hiking. On Deseret Peak the trail loop provided a many locations with amazing views. It was a tough hike but very beautiful and not crowded at all.

It’s not often you get nice light, a cave, and a waterfall all in one great picture. I may have had to climb up some rocks and wade through some cold water to get here, but the chance to see things like this made it all worth it.

August was a month of family reunions and this one was up in Idaho. Here in the early morning, the lake water emits small amounts of steam while the morning light catches the shores and forest around it. While most the reunion was spent having fun with family, it was nice to have some quiet moments like this to enjoy the place.

I love the contrast between the marshy shores of Silver Lake and the mountains up above. Even if it’s a crowded and popular place for easy hikes, it’s still beautiful.

Probably my favorite picture of a pika that I've taken. This little guy wasn't shy or afraid at all, so it wasn't hard to get a nice close up.

Any landscape has different layers that flow together to make up its feel and personality, but in this shot, I feel I captured more of those than usual, from the desert scrubs in the foreground to the mountains and clouds above them in the far distance.

Teton National Park feels like the landscape of some epic fantasy novel with the towering mountains and cliffs next to the pristine forests and lakes. This shot captures that feeling the best.

There’s nowhere I'd rather be in the hot summer months than the high mountains with some cool lakes to enjoy. I'd love to visit Teton National Park again soon for some more intense hiking, but I'll go anywhere with great mountain views like these pictures.