Saltair Beach

Sometimes there’s some great discoveries right around you that are easy to miss, and Saltair’s beach was a recent one I found.

The Great Salt Lake is a fun place for some swimming in the summer but the only beaches I knew about were at either Antelope Island or The Great Salt Lake State Park. I was on my way to the state park when I discovered a beach as good as any other that was free by Saltair. It was one of those fun surprises you find when exploring nearby areas you’ve overlooked.

Saltair is a large concert venue but when it’s not being used for musical events, it does have a small gift shop/snack shop and a couple outdoor showers. Parking is free, but depending on the time of day you may need to park in the outer parking lot instead of the main one.

From Saltair, it’s a bit of a hike to the lake because the water level has dropped in recent years. Once we got to the shore, we found some gentle waves and nice water. Oddly enough, some of the ripples in the sand seemed to have some golden dust in them, but we didn’t have anything to take the wet sand back to check if it was real gold. And as always, the saltiness of the lake makes you float so you can relax and swim at whatever pace you want.

The scenery from the beach is great. Not only do you get to see Saltair, but behind it looms the massive structures of the copper mine such as their smelting tower. To the north you get a great view of the lake and the islands on it. It’s a stark place caught between the city and its industry and the desert wastelands and their emptiness.

It’s a fun place for a great summer swim and it’s free. I’m sure Saltair would appreciate some business at their shop if you're there, though. Like most of the beaches around the Great Salt Lake, it does have brine flies and sometimes has a bit of a smell to it. The beach is also right off of the interstate so it’s easy to find.

I’m glad a little summer trip turned up such a fun nearby place to visit. Maybe you could find something new and exciting in your area if you look hard enough.