More Fitness Fun

A few days ago I took the opportunity to be part of another fun obstacle run. I ran in the Great Inflatable Race.

It’s a 5k with inflatable obstacles and slides to climb over and through. The running is easy but often the obstacles were enough of a challenge to get my heart pumping. It was the perfect sort of event to get out there and have fun without killing myself. In fact, I even ran an extra mile or so because I missed a turn and had to backtrack about one-third of the way through the course, but I didn't mind the extra exercise.

My favorite obstacle had to be the giant slide. It was tall enough to be a rush as you slid down 30 or 40 feet. Another great one had a couple very large balls that you had to balance on and hop across to reach the other side. There wasn't a line so I got to try a few times until I succeeded on the third time.

More photos can be seen here.

In previous years I always avoided events like this because they cost a little bit of money but in each case, I've enjoyed myself, got in better shape, and made some great memories. If you're looking for a fun way to be more active, why not try signing up for similar events in your area?