Guard Rails

Often we fall short of what we could do. Especially those with depression or other issues that make life hard. Often on the path of life, it feels like it would be easier to take it without as many goals or expectations. But that is exactly the wrong way to go.

Goals, habits, or other measurements make it easy to tell when we're doing poorly and pick ourselves up again. Like a guard rail on a steep uphill path, they protect us and help us inch forward, even when the path seems so steep that we're slipping backwards.

The steeper and harder the path, the more guard rails or other safety devices we’ll want. Often the best creators, leaders, and artists come from tough backgrounds. They learn well how to use expectations and goals to lift themselves ever upwards rather than keep themselves stuck in mediocrity. They dare to climb the steep paths and cliffs of life and trust in the guard rails they put ahead of them.

So if life is hard and your goals seem tough, keep pulling yourself forward. Even if it’s an inch at a time, it will mean you're closer to your dream than ever before.