Overlooked Books

Many authors are best known for a particular book or series, but have you ever picked up a relatively unmentioned book by a famous author?

Often these are books they wrote earlier in their careers or perhaps the themes or characters are a bit more strange or complex, and thus not as easily shared. But if you find one of these treasures, it’s usually still worth your time.

For me, I’m about to finish The Worthing Saga by Orson Scott Card. It’s been a great book. Card himself said that he was heavily inspired by Asimov's Foundation series, and his book carries many of the elements and themes that I loved about the Foundation books. It’s definitely not as easy to explain as something like Ender’s Game, but it’s definitely been a great read.

Other authors have also offered very unique book in their overlooked gems. Many have heard of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, but what about some of his other books like The Screwtape Letters? While they might not have the broad appeal of Narnia, I find his other books are more free in exploring religious themes, imagery, and other topics and are great.

Finding such books isn’t easy. They're overlooked and unmentioned. But when you find one it can be like digging up a hidden treasure.