A Little Experiment

Often there’s a single task in the day that seems the hardest to do. For me, writing a post for this blog was it. After several false starts on topics where I wasn’t feeling anything, I decided to write something short and simple about a little experiment you can try that will hopefully improve your day.

The experiment is easy. Find the difficult task in your day. It’s the one you want to put off or avoid. Once you know what it is, simply go and do it. Observe if doing it frees up your mind and energy to do much more.

Alternatively, you could try the reverse experiment. It’s something we’re all guilty of. Avoid doing the unpleasant tasks of the day and instead put them off until later, or maybe tomorrow. See if you feel energetic and motivated. I know I don’t. But if I want to play a lot of games or catch up on watching things, then maybe that’s the way to go.

Whatever you choose to do, own your choice and see how it influences you. Actions become habits, but with a little experiment, you can slowly change both!