To-Do List Overload

Do you often find that you only get a few of the items on your to-do list done? It’s a common mistake I make, and I’m sure a lot of other people make it as well. There’s so many good things to do that it’s so easy to overbook ourselves.

Step 1 is to evaluate the problem.

Do you have a lot of activities that feel like they’d be nice to do but your heart isn’t in them? Unless they lead to a bigger goal then you may want to cut some of them out.

Does mental fatigue set in after you've tried to practice music, write a blog post, and then draw? Mental power, especially decision making gets worn out over the day, so maybe you'll want to build in some other to-do items that allow your mind or body to rest. Variety definitely helps when getting things done.

Do you keep putting off the same things? Do you need some way to make them more interesting? Or perhaps they are larger things that could fill up your entire day that you need to break down into smaller pieces.

Once you've found where the problem is you can start to work on a solution. There’s probably as many solutions as there are things to get done. Scheduling things at the right times of day can help. Building repeating to-dos into other daily activities like your morning routine can also be a big help. And also doing more difficult things earlier frees up a lot of the energy you'd spend worrying over it or procrastinating it until later.

It's hard to say no to things that seem good, but prioritizing is also the best way to keep a clear head about your to-do list. Listing a few essential things to get done each day is a lot more effective than having a list of 10 things that all feel equally important. Maybe you can offload a little of your to-do list into a second list that you get to when there’s a bit more time.

There’s never time for one person to do everything, so it’s up to each of us to pick and manage what things we want to get done each day. Choose wisely!