Ensign Peak

Ensign Peak is a lovely little hike right above Salt Lake City I decided to hike because the weather hasn't been too great lately. It’s short enough to only take an hour, but still has a lot to offer.

My favorite part of the hike was the history, presented on a series of informational displays along the entire trail. This was the peak that Brigham Young and some other leaders ascended to plan and pray. From this place, they looked down below and laid out the wide streets and plot of land that would become downtown SLC and Temple Square. It’s the place that, upon seeing it, made Brigham Young say “This is the place!”

Along with the history, the peak offers a fun trip from the urban center and suburban streets up into the natural beauty of the grassy foothills. From the top, you get a similarly odd mix of views. Industrial parks, suburbs, and other buildings sit surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges. To the northwest the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island seem to stand on their own. And to the west, very faintly, you can see the other mountain ranges of western Utah.

Ensign Peak would be an easy little hike to add to any trip to downtown SLC. While it may not feel as satisfying as a larger mountain, I felt it was fun and unique.