Living With Heart

Many times I've made the mistake of taking the easier path or going with what seems good rather than what seems best. Truly it would be difficult to invest all your heart and emotions into the outcome of every decision you make, but for the important choices in life, you need to live with heart.

Living with heart is a way of organizing your choices, habits, or actions where you can feel deeply invested. It’s caring enough to not just become good or average, but the sort of power that drives people to become the best. It’s not the easy path.

For that reason, I think it’s best to decide on what you want to put your heart into in a given month, week, or even day. Surely there’s at least one thing you could do today that could become something precious to you later if you see it through. It might take a little time to find it. Often the mundane things of life try to crowd out or obscure the actions or choices that should mean the most to us.

Living with heart is living deliberately. Often we go on autopilot, trying to stick with the good choices of the past. That sort of living won't lead to greater things in the future. To live with heart we need to veer off the comfortable and familiar path a little each day as we explore who we really are and what we can possibly achieve.

Each day, people living with heart are out there doing amazing things. Follow your own heart and go join them!