2015 Part 2 in Photos

The weather was rainy so I didn't go anywhere exciting last week unless you count the dentist. Instead I thought it would be a good time to reflect on some favorite photos from recent months.

We didn’t have much snow this year but in March we had enough for some snowshoeing! I like this shot the most because it shows the brilliant beauty of the snowy mountains even if the colors get a bit washed out.

Shoeshone Falls is a great place to visit and do a little hiking but if you don’t look carefully you may miss the other fun things around like the little arch in this photo or the wonderful nearby lakes.

I love birds especially the bigger ones so it was a special treat to see a Kestrel so close on my trip up to Idaho.

There were a lot of yellow-headed blackbirds at the Bear River Wildlife Refuge but this one seemed particularly iconic with it perched on a cattail.

I was also going to throw in some garden photos but most of those would have been from this month as well.