Good Writing Not In Books

There’s a lot of good writing out there that isn't in books. Many writers work for or submit to newspapers, magazines, and online and often they write things that aren't fiction.

An amazing article can really open your eyes. A good one will get you excited about some place, subject, or person you might not have heard of before. In a way, those who write for magazines and newspapers still have a story to tell and often have even stricter restraints than fiction writers ever have.

For me, I find the AP style too dry and heartless. It’s made so that the author writes the personal and emotional out of the article but that's like sucking the sap and water out of tree. You're left with a dry husk that snaps and falls over with the slightest push. Instead, I find the style in magazines a bit more honest. You know these are people with feelings and opinions on the issues they write about and its up to you to decide if you want to relate to them and their viewpoints.

My favorite magazine for everything from the writing to the photography is National Geographic. They’re a magazine that shows how adventurous and amazing the world can be but aren’t afraid to bring up its ugly side as well.

Lately I’ve also subscribed to several other magazines that cover topics I’m interested in like backpacking, climbing, and birds. From fun tips to reports on trips to exotic places, each of these helps me see a different side of our world.

If you look at the Pulitzer prizes for good writing outside of books, you’ll see a similar theme among many of the winners. The writers and reporters went out there and found amazing and often shocking stories in the world. Most of them were hidden and took a few interviews or studies to find, but each helps show how dynamic and interesting our world can be.