Types of Trips

It’s fun to have intense, goal-driven trips like climbing a mountain, but it’s just as great to have nice relaxed trips where your only real goal is to visit a few places and enjoy what's there. My trip last weekend to the Bear River Wildlife Refuge and Crystal Hot Springs was definitely the latter.

Birding is an exciting yet relaxing hobby. You just sit back, take a walk, or drive around and try to spot whatever birds or animals you can find. Bear River Wildlife Refuge didn't disappoint. We spotted many birds along with a few other species like garter snakes, bullfrogs, muskrats, and ermines. Some were too quick for pictures but the rest managed to stay in place for a few shots.

The Crystal Hot Springs are about 10 minutes or so north of the wildlife refuge and are the perfect way to spend a cool spring day surrounded by scenic mountains, a railroad, and plenty of mineral-rich hot spring water. If you need to cool off, you can take the walk up to the waterslides for some fun too.

After such a fun and relaxing trip, I’m feeling invigorated and ready for whatever’s next.