If You Could Hire A...

There’s never enough time to do everything so we often have to choose a few areas to specialize in. That’s why, if you're trying to figure out what’s really essential to you among your hobbies and interests, there’s a very helpful question. If money didn't matter and you could hire someone to do this sort of thing for you, would you?

For me, several of my hobbies could easily fall into that. I'd love to practice piano and compose music, but I'd be fine with paying someone to make good music for me.

I sometimes wonder if art is the same. I love to make it when I have good ideas but sometimes I wonder if I had a good artist to illustrate my character, world, or story ideas, would I just let them do most or all of it?

One hobby I’d do even if I could hire someone to do it for me is writing. It seems the fastest and purest way to convey ideas, feelings, and stories. I've always loved books, wordplay, and word games. That’s probably why I’m an editor and write on the side, too. Even if I had some great people I could pay to turn my ideas into articles or stories, I think I’d still be the one to do it.

Anyway, it’s not bad to have fun and dabble with a lot of different hobbies, but it’s probably best to pick a few to master. For the other hobbies, a little bit of knowledge could lead you to knowing who might be good to hire for your next fun and creative project.