Simple Pleasures

In life, it’s easy to focus on the big and grand things but more often its the simple pleasures that give us daily comfort and satisfaction.

For me, having a nice garden and providing a place for wildlife like birds  to come enjoy is one of my simple pleasures. This year I got a bird feeder, bird bath, and planted a berry patch in the corner along with moving my herbs to bigger pots.

It’s simple but relaxing. There’s not much more to say about it. I just think everyone could use a simple thing to relax with. Make it something where there’s no big plans or goals, but just leave it easy and let it grow. It could be a garden or it could be some other little hobby. Maybe it could be a few.

I often feel it’s hard to enjoy my other hobbies as much because I try to hard to be successful. With a garden and a bird feeder, you just want things to live and thrive. That’s it. If only the rest of life could be so easy.