Review: Undertale

I may not review everything I read, watch, or play here but sometimes there’s some stories that are so amazing that it would be hard not to share how great they are. So, with that in mind, let me introduce you to Undertale.

The premise of Undertale is simple enough. Monsters and humans once lived on the surface of the world until conflict divided the two. The victorious humans sealed the monsters underground with magic. But here’s where you join the story. After hiking up a mountain that nobody has returned from, you fall down into the underground.

From there, you have to make decisions on what you'll do during your time with the monsters and how you'll treat your new friends or enemies. What makes a game like this so amazing is how authentic all the characters feel as well as a story that has players deal very directly with the consequences of their actions.

You can choose to befriend and help the monsters and they’ll soon feel like memorable friends. You can fight, kill, and betray them if you want, although unless you’re particularly heartless, such a path will probably leave you feeling guilty and sad. The game does such a great job playing on the expectations of its genre. Instead of each monster being a faceless and soulless enemy, they're all part of a small society full of people with fears, hopes, and dreams.

Undertale drops you in the middle of a world that feels very much alive and lets you choose how you'll treat that world. It’s easily one of the most memorable games I've played recently, so if you love games or even if you don't and want to experience a great story, then go out and try it as soon as you can.

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