Fall Pictures

Here’s a quick recap of some of my favorite pictures and hikes from September and October. With the holidays and colder weather, expect a lot less outdoor stuff. I'll still try to post inspirational or writing posts when I can find some way to relate them to stories I've enjoyed in books, games, or shows. Hopefully I'll be able to put up at least one post a week, even with less going on that I want to blog about.

For now, here’s the best of the fall pictures.

While the photo didn't turn out the greatest, it’s rare to have a moose cross your trail. I was about as close as I would want to be. They're such big and majestic animals when you run into them in the wild that it's hard to not pause and watch them.

Fall was a great time for birdwatching in my backyard. We had several visitors like this downy woodpecker, some pinion jays, magpies, and a northern flicker, along with the usual backyard birds.

I absolutely love mountain shots like this with both sharp mountains up close and faded ones in the far distance. Here you get the bonus of the Salt Lake Valley between them. The fall air made it easier for a great shot like this with the clearer air.

And finally, the perfect shot for late fall. Nice colors with some pine trees to frame a little mountain town below.

Fall was a great time to be outside. I might grab some snowshoes or take some cross country skiing lessons when I have the money but it's also nice to take a break for a month or two while the holidays keep me busy.