Productivity: A Core Attitude

Regardless of how well organized my process or goals are, I find there’s one aspect of productivity that can’t be replaced and that's the attitude I have towards what I’m working on.

Another good word for this might be passion, but that makes it sound more vague. Each of my different hobbies, goals, or dreams all have an important core attitude. It’s the feelings and outlook I need to have to feel that the process is as enjoyable as the results. It’s the attitude that builds excitement and energy until action is inevitable.

And it’s an attitude that’s unique to each pursuit. When hiking, it’s the attitude of refreshing myself in the great outdoors. In art of writing, it’s enjoying the way I bring words or pixels to life. In fitness, it’s the content exhaustion that comes after a good workout.

Such an attitude comes from the right mindset. At times, I’ve lost the positive attitude I needed, especially for creative pursuits, and I'll struggle to do even a minimal project. Thoughts like “It doesn't matter.” or “Who will care about this?” might seem harmless, but they'll slowly but surely kill the positive attitude you need to do great things.

Instead, keep focused on what will keep you going. You might not be where your goals and dreams are, but if you don't keep taking steps forward, how will you get there? Find the attitude that will help you take at least a small step or even a big stride forward and keep moving ahead.