Mount Wolverine Ridgeline

There’s some great hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, and with the nice weather, I knew it would be my best chance to finish up the last three mountains I needed for my yearly goal.

It was a warm day, so I quickly put my extra layers in my backpack and took lots of photos of all the nice fall colors. I was familiar with the trail around Silver Lake and up to Twin Lakes Reservoir, so the hiking started off easy and fast.

Only after the reservoir did we run into some trouble. A construction project for the ski resort blocked an important connecting section of the trail so our only option was to head back down towards the lake.

In a lot of larger goals, there’s usually a hard spot somewhere right before the end. It’s easy to hit a wall before the final stretch on a big goal, sort of like running a marathon. My hiking goal was no different. With the normal trail closed, it would have been easy to hike around the lake and go back and call it a day, hoping for more good hiking days in the future.

But that’s not what I did. After a little searching, we found an alternate trail at the far end of the lake that led up the ridge. We still had plenty of time and the weather was perfect, so I decided that we should go for it. The trail was sometimes a little overgrown or rocky, but it was still an enjoyable hike and the reward was some amazing scenery of the upper basins of the Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons as well as some distant valley vistas.

An easy ridge hike with a little scrambling through some rocky parts led us to the remaining peaks. Such a hike was the perfect way to finish off the major hiking season. Now it's time to rest my tired knees from these longer mountain hikes until next year.