Benjamin Keeley, Fiction and Copy Editor


Ever since I was young, I have loved books, especially when they took me on adventures in new places. In college I followed my love for adventurous writing and will graduate from BYU with a BA in English language and a minor in editing in April 2016.
While at college, I worked hard to balance classes with work and volunteering that improved my editing skills. I created and designed playbills or music programs for BYU events for several semesters. I used InDesign to create the layouts and designs for my work. Now I work part-time as an editor for Jolly Fish Press, where I have done developmental edits, copy edits, and proofreading on amazing books. I also networked with authors during pitch sessions and panels.

I volunteered at a student magazine, The Leading Edge, to gain editing experience. While there, I provided feedback to authors and did copy edits. My internship at Cedar Fort Publishing helped me improve my editing skills and introduced me to new experiences such as proofing audiobooks.

But the most valuable editing experience comes from life. Most often, I find this through hiking and camping. Sometimes the adventure is in the beauty of the places and animals I see. Other times, the excitement comes from overcoming difficult situations, such as enduring a sudden storm or finding the trail again after being lost. In any situation, I can take a calm approach and use my skills to find the right solution.






  • Layout and design with InDesign
  • Copy editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Collaboration through online documentation or track changes in Microsoft Office
  • Experienced working with teams on different aspects of editing projects
  • Deadline tracking through task management services